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Dawn Boiani started her very first e-commerce site way back in 1998 called Chopa Imports, LLC. Dawn has been considered one of the pioneers of online commerce. 1998 was the very first inception of online business, and this website archive captured screenshots from the very early days! The company theme was “Zen Home Decor”, and traded globally, both importing and exporting. Dawn sold this very successful, first online company in 2006 to the wife of Colorado State Representative Balmer. Chopa Imports still a leader in its market and still in existence today.

Or founder is listed in the U.S. Who”s Who Database of American Women Entrepreneurs. She has an Honarable Mention with the N.A.P.F.A., or the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.


The founder of Seo-Boulder has published and created and/or maintained many commercial and nonprofit websites for various nonprofit organizations, including the Boulder Shambhala Center. She studied Tibetan Art with renowned Karma Gadri Thangka Painter Gega Lama while living in Nepal. She also apprenticed with Cynthia Moku, H.E. Kalu Rinpoche”s Tibetan Art “Thangka Painter”, and was her T.A. at Naropa University for a stupa mural project in New Mexico.

Currently, Dawn volunteers for the Democratic Party, designs Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads and maintains the website for The Breeze of Delight. Recently, she has been creating a new website for the Saguache County Democratic Party. Dawn has been assisting to teach meditation in prisons and is the volunteer social media marketer for the Mindfulness Peace Project aka The Ratna Foundation. Read More:


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