Soul Triage of Persephone

A Valentine’s poem to celebrate the choice of real love over social media addiction.

I offer all desert
wildflowers to space

so much gratitude
for having
finally rescued
myself from
a wasted life

for 13 years
having been pulled
down into the dark
lured by
pomegranate seeds
one by one

subterranean mind
that live off of the base
sustenance of
electronic likes

emanations of
no less than
Hades himself

so cold and alone
our love frozen
and life-force stolen

clawing my way
out of the
dark and damp
tunnel of the
living tomb

a modern mind prison
we self-exiled to

and now I can see the
circle of the sun
the womb
of the brocade of light
and union

succulent oranges and
red tipped strawberries
chocolate dipped
with cream

real love now
my breath on
his neck

bone to soft breast
without fear

may the
genuine light
of love
awaken all

to touch and
open all hearts
in ethics
and humanity

the warm sun rays
of the mother
Goddess Demeter

of life-giving
kisses all cheeks
dries all tears

come up and
out dear ones.




Image of Persephone Creative Commons License


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