Reflections on UNCOVERAGE – A Podcast About Growing Up in a Tibetan Buddhist Cult in America

Una choked up briefly as she said…

” I might have wasted most of my life…”

Una Morera

I’m doing a one year dharma immersion program called the Mirror of Light and we candidly discussed the heartbreak, doubt and harm from abusive teachers and unwell Buddhist sanghas, and the cult-ure of silence, secrecy and forced pure perception. A very kind, western chaplain and householder yogi and dad, is guiding the year retreat and for the closing prayers we aspired…

“Pray for sanghas that haven’t been able to hold the pain well, and for sanghas where people have been hurt. Pray for all beings that have been harmed through dharma organizations.” Lama Justin Von Bujdoss

I say, yes, may we all swiftly awaken from what is and was unethical, false, where we are all are co-confused, were and are conned, had misconduct, supported an unethical, narcissistic or unwell teacher, took vengeance out on anyone that could simply see clearly, and through the firm four powers, grow up and be brave, accountable and heal well, into the depth of our genuine, human heart.



Una’s podcasts-

A child in a Buddhist community, neglected because her mom was too busy learning “compassion.” Her story



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