Lion Faced Dakini Simhamukha Art (Senge Dongma)

I got the very best gift from my exceeding talented daughter I’ve ever gotten in my whole life! It’s a drawing of the Lion Faced Dakini Simhamukha (Senge Dongma)- Annika’s interpretation of her- if you zoom in you can see the detail of the face. She uses an iPad art program called Procreate, that actually documents every single stroke and how she cross references with the originals. At the end you can create an entire video that I’ve included that here, I sped it up, but watch until the end where she created a glowing mane! She said that it was more powerful and haunting to have no pupils and turned the skull right side up. I will not argue with her artistic license- I’ve been studying Tibetan art all my life and I could never produce anything even close in quality to this. Thank you Annika!

I think this is so cool, so next gen- graphic art with a splash of graffiti gangster- My dear dharma art friend who passed a few months ago Jack Niland, said that DHARMA ART will be the way that the Dharma manifests into the next generations. It can’t be about stodgy lists, endless sutras, practices too complex for the short time we have, codependent worshiping a flawed human like a rockstar, being ordered around, false monasticism and general drudgery. For it to evolve and sustain itself in the west, It has to connect people to celebration, movement, arts and include children in a healthy way.


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