Karmamudra The Yoga of Bliss- Dr. Nida Chenagtsang


“Dr. Nida reveals his own training in karmamudra, under the guidance of Aku Lhamo, the so-called “horny teacher”, and the Longchen Nyingthig nun Ani Ngawang Gyaltsen. We learn the difference between karmamudra and kamasutra, the role of tummo and tsa lung trulkor training, and the purpose of tantric feats such as vajroli mudra, the sucking of milk and bodily fluids through one’s genitalia. Dr. Nida discusses sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas, the prevalence of spiritual gold diggers, and shares his advice for young tulkus facing the temptations of fame. Dr. Nida also discusses the pollution of energy channels through pornography and promiscuity, how to heal sexual trauma, and why he chose to make these once-secret teachings available to the public.”

Blog Author’s comments:

Actually, I have never seen such a powerful, complete and beautiful lineage. It is headed by a lay Tibetan Medical doctor, and he firmly speaks out about Lama abuse and sexual misconduct and false monasticism. The fact that it’s headed by a simple, humble and not ostentatious married layperson with children, already removes a lot of the power dynamics and scandal issues. People like Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and Anam Thubten are excellent models of a way forward for us involved with Tantric Buddhism. He also speaks out from his teacher about never misconstruing these secret teachings by ever having relations with anyone under 18. Anyone involved with these teachings and practices, this talk is very helpful! All of these teachings and practices are highly secret but Dr. Nida for various ethical reasons, is making this information transparent and public. This is an electronic audio transcript, with minimal editing.

In Warmth and Bliss,

Thank you Dr. Nida! (And Bob Thurman- for your ethical and sound dharma activity)



Karmamudra – Dr. Nida Chenagtsang Dec 4, 2020

In this episode I’m once again joined by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang master of Tibetan medicine and spiritual teacher of the Yuthok Nyingthig to discuss karmamudra, Buddhist spiritual sex. Dr. Nida reveals his own training in karmamudra under Aku Lhamo the so-called horny professor and the Longchen Nyinthik and nun Ani Nawang Gyalsen. We learn about the difference between karmamudra and karmasutra the role of tummo and thrulkor training and the purpose of tantric feats such as vajroli mudra, sucking milk and bodily fluids through one’s genitals. Dr. Nida talks about sexual abuse by Tibetan Lamas, the prevalence of spiritual gold diggers and shares his advice for young tulkus facing the temptations of fame. Dr. Nida also discusses pollution of the energy channels through pornography and promiscuity, how to heal sexual trauma and why he chose to make these once secret teachings available to the public.

So without further ado Dr. Nida Chenagtsang- welcome back to the podcast. Thank you and tashi delek. In our previous episode Heart of a Nomad we discussed your life story and training growing up in Amdo, Tibet and all the events that followed and this time let’s go in a different direction. As well as being a doctor of Tibetan medicine you’re a lineage holder of the Yuthok Nyingthig, a condensed tantric cycle composed by Yuthok Yontan Gompo, the younger. [The teachings are] especially designed for busy doctors and you also as you recounted in the previous interview received training in Longchen Nyinthik, Dudjom Tersar and more. A part of these lineages and the subject of your book the Yoga of Bliss is karmamudra which you describe as a profound kind of meditation, it’s the art of orgasm and bliss. It is a special practice designed to teach us how to become more mindful during sex and orgasm. Your karmamudra teacher was Tseung Lanyon Ropatsel, a wild nomad who you described as a horny professor.

The Horny Professor

He refused to become a monk because he had so much sexual desire he was worried he would break his vows and because of his wild and erotic style many people did not consider him to be a spiritual teacher. Can you tell that with the story of your teacher and how it was you came to meet him?

So firstly you said I’m the lineage holder of Yuthok but I don’t know if I am the lineage holder, I am a Yuktok Nynthik practitioner that’s my main practice. And then there’s my teacher he’s a common name we call Akul Aku means like monk or teacher. Lhamo means his name normally lhamo it’s a female name Lhamo-cha his full name it means he was saved by the protector Palden Lhamo so it’s, that’s why in Amdo we give that name. So we believe somebody is saved by a protector, Mahakala saved  ones we call Gonpo-cha but the ones saved by Palden Lhamo, we call Lhamo-cha so that’s his name. And he was born also in the nomad land and he met one of the greatest Buddhist scholar, an Amdo geshe and he wrote many books and he was an expert especially in Tibetan language and grammar studies and literature and so on. So there he met his teacher and he studied among many other students and then because our teacher Aku Lhamo. Aku Lhamo-cha was a very brilliant student and of course his teacher wanted he to become a monk. And then Aku Lhamo was a nomad and he was very honest he said “I don’t want to cheat you my teacher and I don’t want to cheat myself, because I know, as a young guy as a young boy, so he had so much sexual desire” and he said okay today maybe today I can become monk but I will break my vows maybe within one month or a few weeks! So actually he was a very, very honest man very, very honest man.

So when I was about 14 years old I entered a special school in Ripcon it’s called the teacher training college. When I finished my middle school instead of entering in the high school we entered in a kind of college, it, at that time we had that kind of college then after, I think that time there was a shortage teachers so the focus the government, they want to train more teachers. So we entered that kind of teacher training college and I spent there three or four years to complete that study. And so there I met Aku Lhamo because he was the professor there. I met at the college because he was a professor he was also a close friend to our father, so when we went to the college and we stayed there in the college and our father told us if we need me and my brother we went together the same college and our father told us if you need any help we should ask Aku Lhamo, so then of course when we met there. The students are coming from the nomad land so we could drop nomad kids and then they’re kids of farmer families so shingba rompa we call rumpa and then so we are like the nomad kids and then the farmer kids, so normally we’re a little bit kind of divided because the way we think and the way we do is a little bit different the nomad kids and farmer kids. So that’s why of course for us it’s a little bit difficult to connect also the teachers that they’re farmers, or they are living in the cities, because we have a little bit different way of thinking. When Aku Lhamo with him, for me was very easy to connect so I’m myself a nomad student and he was a nomad professor, there is something something very deeply connected. Then when he was actually teaching us Tibetan literature and poems and he’s also very good writer- very poetic, and when he talks about poems there is something really, not only nice words or this, and he was very expressive- he knows how to express the love, the beauty, the feeling through the poems and so on. So that was our official study but then very often I went to his his house and he had just like one bedroom house or apartment so he was there and very often he invites me to go there.

Yeah so we received many direct teachings, like one like the one teacher to one student style. So I had that chance actually it was really amazing.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the karmamudra aspect of of the training with him, and you mentioned he had that very erotic nature- lots of sexual desire and so on? That seems to be connected to karmamudra somehow.

He’s already old professor but of course he’s still [-]. I think our personality maybe horny ones almost the whole life, stay horny. Somehow, he has that nature and that’s why he often teases us he talks about this subject but of course not in the class. Actually when also he was talking about poems in the Tibetan style of poems there are many poems about prizing the beautiful ladies. He was teaching us the the poems and Tibetan poems are ‘togpa’ means prizing. It’s very often we focus on this so that’s why if you read the Tibetan guru yogas or dharma texts there are lots of prayers and actually the prayers are very poetic and this is a part of Tibetan culture. Really Tibetans they love to write the poems and they express all their emotions from poems. So one of my brother Dorje Tsering, his pen name is Jampu he’s a very famous writer and he often says in Tibet who doesn’t write poems? Somehow it’s true like everybody has poems- it’s a Tibetan culture everybody loves the poems. So that’s why when Aku Lhamo taught us the poems and when he taught us the poems it’s very expressive. For example there is a way to say means gyel men ba “without the waist” and so this is the expression of the beauty. Actually it’s it’s interesting that time we were young I didn’t have any ideas of expression beauty but now I know all models they want to have a very slim belly and very tiny here, so that’s an expression, a Tibetan expression of beauty. So he says like ah can you imagine like a two like a beautiful breast, they’re like protruding and then lower part there’s a two kind of protruding like and what you call it “big ass” or the the heap and the gluteal. He says maybe if you look at this girl or the lady like you almost have a feeling like, there is no then they are kind of separated there is no connection. So the way he expressed that kind of like the beauty it’s it’s something very alive, very organic. He says oh this is the definition of beauty and this and that he talks about women’s body and this you see like he’s in this very very very expressive when he was teaching that. In the class he does not say much, but when you he’s teaching the poems and these things you really feel it how much he’s in this about beauty, about women and these things, but then in privately when I go to his place, then he talks a lot about these things and then also I ask him to teachings.


No Underage Children!

His first teaching start with a Tibetan version of kamasutra, so he talks about kamasutra, more like a private teaching. He talks about kamasutra and then there I asked about karmamudra and then he gave more explanations about karmamudra. Then he often asked me he so like maybe we we should like go out together and what do you say and he said “oh you are you are like a young boy maybe you can like find you can invite other ladies” and then he’s kind of teasing. I can demonstrate or to give you the teachings how to practice these things kind of joking and also kind of real. We had this kind of very interesting moment and once he said “oh if you can find any like beautiful girls or women you should bring to me.” So then I that time I was young and I I met another like a young girl and she’s kind of very what do you say, I don’t know she’s very maybe sexually active I don’t know she approached to me so I was not ready for this kind of things I was a little bit like concerned I said oh and then I thought oh maybe I should bring you to Aku Lhamo, so I said oh I said then I said I I can feel like you are interested in me but I said I don’t have experiences. I was very young and then I said but I know one of my teacher has experiences maybe he can teach us something and this. So then I invited her we went together to meet Aku Lhamo and then why why you are here with her?  I said you you told me and I can bring anyone and he said no no- you don’t. You should not bring like young girls she maybe she was a teenager so he was very clear about these things- student teacher and student relationship and also the the how do you say? Minority- minors- how do you call it the underage younger than, how do you call it minor? Minor he was very clear about this, so these things he said “no no no, you don’t mix these things like as a teaching we have to be very clear.”

Yeah so I was what do you say in my head I thought okay like I have no experiences and then maybe I thought maybe Aku Lhamo maybe he can practice with her as a like a young student, that was my it’s not I want to practice with her so I was a little bit shy and I I never had experiences. I was only talking these things so this and then later Aku Lhamo he he gave me more teachings about in the karmamudra part. I told him because I don’t have experiences he said “oh don’t bring these minors to me” and he was very clear, he said this and then another story. Funny thing is one hour classmate she is also from nomadic area she asked me she said oh I know her mother is here and according to you the the your classmate she’s beautiful or her mother is more beautiful. Then I said Aku Lhamo for me the daughter is beautiful of course she’s young and my age this and that and then he was laughing he said oh yeah I puff her elder ones and so he’s saying for me the elder ones are more pretty and so this is the how like we had a very personal how do you say relationship as I said we are both nomad and we are very close and this and then actually I don’t I didn’t have any the sexual producer experiences even not ordinary one so that’s why then start to give me the teachings about kamasutra.


Kamasutra vs. Karmamudra

Normally we say and he said there’s a book from Kham, it was very popular so he was quoting some teachings from there this and that and then I asked him about tantric part kama mudra. You see kamasutra from kamasutra to karmamudra and then so this is how he gave me the teachings many people are familiar at least indirectly with the karmasutra to most people’s minds, the karmasutra is tantric sex involves many hours of love making multiple orgasms or maybe sublimated orgasms and so on.

Q. I think to most in the popular mind karmasutra is tantric sex in your chapter clarifying confusion you emphasize that karmamudra is not the same as karmasutra could you perhaps explain the difference between these two categories of teachings?

There are different teachings, but they can have similar base too because for me kamasutra is sex education right? Like in the west we had the sexual revolution and the the beginning of last century right with Sigmund Freud and all these great I don’t know psychologist or psychiatrist the wrote about sex and they know they opened this subject- so they call it sexual revolution and then sex is becoming more like a open subject. Or, I would say it’s more is becoming part of our education system so that’s why I think in ancient Indian tradition. So karmamudra is the one of the oldest sex educations, so it’s some people they think oh karmasutra is only about positions and this and that, maybe it’s more spiritual way because there are some temples about kamasutra and so on so. I really see it as a very precise education system so probably we can say one of the first human sex education is kamasutra and in the sexual intercourse the positions are important but then there’s the intimacy and understanding and sharing the experience together the orgasm of love and respecting each other I think these things are really really important so that’s why I would say kamasutra it’s a basic sex education book I think it is very very important, and then karmamudra is more advanced. It’s not only how do you say, we should just get stuck this physical level and physical aspect and this physical orgasmic part.


We should not get stuck there and we have to give go beyond of that so that part is not mentioned by kamasutra so that’s why kamasutra is more kind of karmic it means more more physical more kind of really physical- the physical position, the physical experiences and so many things are kind of involved in this physical part. In karmamudra, we have the physical part too but at the end we have to go beyond of the physical part right? We have to go beyond and I think both of them we are talking about mindful sex in a spiritual aspect. Kamasutra is talking about how it’s important to be mindful and karmamudra, exactly the same- we have to be mindful and then probably in the kama sutra is not talking about starting from the self partner and experience your experience and your partner’s experience. But karmamudra there is a self and partner and there’s a complete union and that union is transcends from self so then from the self you are reaching the selflessness in the state of selflessness right? Let’s put this way in a very simple way- in the Buddhist tradition we talk about emptiness right- emptiness a voidness and selflessness in Buddhism we talk about self but then we have to reach the state of selflessness free from self. And so also the reason in the Buddhism normally we talk why the attachment is dangerous because when we are attached to ourselves and this can cause all kind of, how do you say, problems or that can be cause of the pain and suffering. So that’s why we cannot get stuck with this self right? We cannot get stuck with the self then ,what we can really do is we using this self and we achieve the state of the selflessness. So that’s why in the karmamudra it’s it’s compared to kamasutra is much more profound. Do you understand when we say karma is a karma the physical body and mudra is your karmic partner. So that’s why you have a karmic partner and when you have a partner you transcend from self because you have a partner too, then you cannot think only one you have to think too so you unify these two you and your partner together and then generates the joy or the bliss and then that helps us to transcend from the self. So transcendental and that’s why once we transcend from the self and then of course also we are we transcend from the partner so it’s it’s directly, how do you say, reaching the non-dual state, okay? So that’s why the karmamudra is very profound.

Kamasutra they don’t talk this much but it’s a as a great Tibetan master Ju Mipham he said he said once you become an expert with kamasutra then karmamudra is much easier for you. So he talks about the kamasutra can be the first stage and karmamudra is the second stage. I like that his expression karmamudra is often presented as part of the Six Yogas of Naropa and sometimes it’s presented as or seen as the means to move from tummo to the illusory body practices.

Q: I’m thinking of Tsongkampa’s presentation of that and indeed when you learned karmamudra you also learned karmamudra from Ani Gawang Gelsen. I presume that was in the context of the Six Yogas of Naropa it seems that when you learned with Aku Lhamo, the teachings were given in a more ad-hoc basis and not part of a complete system. Like that is that fair to say experiential part experiential part?


The Six Yogas

So when we learned it’s like this when you mentioned about six yogas so in this case normally in six yogas we don’t talk directly karmamudra so that’s why for example in the Yutok yoga it’s very clear first we have two yogas for daytime so tummo and illusory body or magic body yoga and then we have two yogas in the night dream yoga and clear light yoga and then two yogas the moment of death or after life so powa and bardo. So those are called the six yogas and then on youtube system it’s very clear first we have six yogas once you get trained in the sixth yogas and then you practice two mudras the karmamudra and mahamudra and so and many other texts this part this part of expression is not that clear. So that’s why and so in a very simple way what we need to know is first you get trained in the tummo and thulkhor is a preparation for karmamudra and then so in this case you have to train very well that you can you can have the experience of the tummo and the blissful heat. You generate the heat and then you melt to your thigle and then you experience that the thigle is the bliss and you can experience that bliss. And this practice the experience is very similar to like orgasmic state or pre-orgasmic state before the orgasm. The heart is beating fast and the body temperature is raising and then there the the joy or the pleasure is intensified right, intensified and so on and so. So that feeling is very close to tummo but normally tummo you do it more mentally. Mentally you generate that heat and your experience and so on so it’s a very it’s kind of a perfect preparation for karmamudra. Then when you tummo fire you melt the thigle and you have the experiences and so on so for that then there’s a physical training tool, we call challenge, so you should do lots of physical exercises too right? But it’s not all tummo, you have to do physical exercises too. So some tummo they are more mental level some are more like breathing the holding breath, and some are more the physical one.


The Jnana Mudra

It’s a long talker and so and so that’s why in any case, we we know it very clearly that tummo in the six yogas we say tummo is the cornerstone and it’s the foundation of other yogas. So it’s very important so in this case also it’s very clear that once you are highly trained in tummo and then your next step if you continue with tummo your next step is karmamudra. So in the karmamudra then we have the two types, one is the the karmamudra itself with a karmamudra means with physical partner or jnana mudra means imaginary partner so my teacher the anila she gave me the the teachings but of course in her practice is she’s she’s doing the jnana mudra practice she taught me about jnana mudra the system right, jana mudra the system and then so, that’s why, how do you say, in the Tibetan tradition we have the scholar style and we have the the great like mahasiddha style mahasiddha style means the experiential part and scholar style is according to the text. s\So I can say that according to the text I received from Ani, that’s the the classical official training part but then experiential part and the, how do you say, that the actual practice is coming from actually I think today the actual karmamudra itself is not taught publicly.

I think one is because everywhere it is seen that sex as a taboo- and even in the Tibetan tradition they very much they see that. And there are great masters still today, some masters even in the text, there are some texts even there is this karma mudra party they say oh that’s that’s not important, now oh you don’t need that now, or that’s not for the public or like this they kind of skip and they jump right for instance this Tilopa’s Mahamudra teaching the song of ganga river. So he teaches very clearly about the mahamudra about the state of mind the realization of the ultimate nature of mind, and so on so he gave a perfect mahamudra teaching but at the end he says if you don’t understand the mahamudra then you practice karmamudra. But then in his karmamudra practice also says very clearly that we have to melt our tigle, it’s coming in the tigle is falling down and then you hold it, and then you reverse it jump- so we have the four words and he actually mentioned these words. He says then this practice will be helpful and help you to understand the nature of mahamudra so Tilopa says it very very clearly, but what I’m saying this is today the most of the mahamudra teachers and they teach mahamudra but once they come in that part of the karmamudra they’ll skip it this says oh this is for it’s an enhanced practice, oh this is it’s like it’s about karmamudra but we don’t need it or it’s kind of this keep it I think it’s really pity. I think it’s really, really a pity and they’re different the great masters they express in a different way about mahamudra and karmamudra so I mentioned that it’s a Tilopa’s view because I think that is very essential because why? The reason Tilopa he mentioned the karmamudra end of the mahamudra he mentioned it because he’s saying if you get mahamudra you don’t need karmamudra but if you don’t get the mahamudra you need karmamudra do you understand it?

It’s something very clear and the same way in the euthanizing system it’s very clear and the autonomous system is very clear because the Yuthok Nyinthik talks about karmamudra with tsalung with yogic exercises. The karmamudra practice he actually mentioned like two parts- one is the karmamudra practice the ones who are trained in the Tsa lung thrulknor  oo advanced the yoga yogic systems and karmamudra, the ones who are not trained and advanced the yogic physical yogic trainings. He mentioned two types of karmamudra and then and also, he says that this type of karmamudra for young people and who have  more sexual desires and who want to practice this they should do the karmamudra practice. Then there’s some people maybe the maybe because of their vows, they are celibate they can’t practice this or maybe they are, how do you say, too old or maybe there are some people that physically ill, we call it a sexual dysfunction or some people from the birth they do not have any feelings pleasure. They don’t see “sexy something,”  joyful or or pleasure in things, maybe because of their… trauma drama.


Karmamudra Taboos

It can be also because of their physical conditions right? So then he says if you are in these cases because of you are you have you have a vow of celibacy or you’re a monk or none or maybe you’re too old maybe your physical body or mentally not you are not allowed or unable to practice and then he says you practice karma mudra, so that’s why I like the the things. So Tilopa says okay mahamudra, you try with mahamudra it doesn’t work you go in karmamudra and the Yutok says okay you focus on karmamudra, but in a way somehow you cannot practice karmamudra then you practice mahamudra. So it is if you put this two system together, it it actually really makes sense but today we know of course karmamudra is a secret practice right? Exactly same like mahamudra. Maha mudra is a secret practice too but there are many great masters publicly they are teaching mahamudra today and we can find many mahamudra books commentaries, translations and so mahamudra teaching is spread everywhere.

When we come to the karmamudra many say “oh karmamudra is secret” and actually karmamudra is not more secret than mahamudra.

I think they’re equally they’re equally secret right- so and let’s chat so they are both. That’s the Tibetan name for mahamudra and they’re the karmamudra is not publicly taught and we don’t talk much ease one is because of the the the taboo of the sex. I think that’s one of the main reason and then the other one is many people they think in order to practice karmamudra you must highly trained in the yogic exercises so we call it the jalus thulkhor and then and now everybody’s saying nobody is highly trained or qualified in the yogic exercises in trulkhor, so that’s why no one is allowed to teach and practice karma mudra okay? Some traditions, this is true in order to practice the karmamudra you must get trained in the tummo practice and yogic exercises and so on and once you’re completely ready you are able to hold your energy you are able to bring up your energy or hooking back your energy reversing your energy and then you are ready for karmamudra. Okay that is true that is the classical way to to explain or classical way to to train the karmamudra but also it is true there is a other part of karmamudra it’s it’s purely like experiential. We don’t need to go through this and so that’s why Yuthok said okay the karmamudra practice for tsalung experience the practitioners and karmamudra practice for non-tsalung experienced practitioners. So I really liked the way he made that very clear and then later after Yuthok and some great masters how do you say they talked about karmamudra in a different way too and one great master from my hometown in Ripkum Kamla Namkaja so a great a great and crazy yogic master and he wrote a great text about karmamudra and in this text and he talks about this yoga style of karmamudra.


Ati Karmamudra

So when they use that name ati yoga style of karmamudra, it means the karmamudra practice direct experience of karmamudra which is not connected or you with the tsalung thrulkhor exercises so it means even you are not highly trained and that’s a long trip. You can still practice karmamudra in a very experiential way so that’s why they call it ati yoga. Also in my book I quoted one of this teaching from teaching first time it was mentioned and for me to expression were taught by Aku Lhamo he mentioned it and he taught it and so that time I was I just knew that the way, the experiential way, how it goes and teachings.  I didn’t read and I didn’t go into that practices right but later when in my practice, and this then I really realized that that part is very very important and the reason I put that in my book is to really let people know today, was a highly qualified master great master both in mahamudra tradition and at yoga Dzogpachenpo tradition,  so everybody what do you say from all schools the great masters the the respect to him so that’s why I thought it’s very important like to show publicly that a great master- and he actually mentioned this at yoga style direct experiential of karma mutual practices. That’s why I think it’s it is important to know this part of the the the karmamudra otherwise some people says oh no without the tummo without this is becoming like a kind of like a formula and that’s why and many people are saying oh the karmamudra tradition is lost and nobody practiced karmamudra ah karmamudra we had it but we don’t talk it now this, and that right we cannot say oh sex ancient people they had it and we don’t have we can’t have it, we can’t say actually what I said this in Tibetan I think this this to understand this true thing I think it’s very very important even, Je Tsongkapa you as he was one of the one of the top brilliant Tibetan Buddhist scholar tantric Buddhist scholar.

So that’s why when he talked about tantric teachings he’s so precise so systematic so precise and he quotes very precise quotations from great Indian masters and so on and one of his teaching about tummo and he says there are different systems for tummo and he says some of them. They are so they are the mahasiddha the great yogis style and that’s why he says then you don’t need to prove that in a very philosophical way theoretical way and he said this a mercy that’s great masters, and they they achieved enlightenment and then so there is a reason how they presented the teachings in a kind of simple and direct way not too much philosophical and theoretical and how do you say like confirming every word you say is I’m saying the right word- because of Nagarjuna because of chandragupti because of Buddha because of this because of that tantra do you understand but then some people they love these things intellectual people. And now also today there are some people they love this kind of intellectual part, they want to know everything so precisely- and what is right and what is wrong, and this and that so for them I think like a greater master like Je Tsongkampa his teaching centric teachings.

I think it’s perfect but then some other people we are not that intelligent or also in a way what matters for us is the practice and experience right? It’s not so much running after who is the right and who is wrong so then it’s more expression and so that’s why it’s a Mahasiddha that’s why in the mass he does they are not saying oh because of Nagarjuna said this this is right because Nagarjuna didn’t say that is wrong and they did the practice and they had experiences and then they they know how to teach and how to transmit that teachings and they did that way right? So that’s why I think it’s very important to understand these two kind of way of teaching and transmitting. If we understand these two way then we don’t need to struggle much and we don’t need to fight much about who’s right and who is wrong in your book you make that distinction between the practices that require the karmamudra practices that require a grounding in tsalung thrulkhor and so on and those that don’t and you write about the vajaroli mudra the vajaroli mudra is a kind of urethral suction technique that requires strong control over the urogenital muscles.


Vajaroli Mudra- Esoteric Practices

The texts say that when a male practitioner urinates before the urine even touches the floor. He should by flexing his muscles be able to suck it up again immediately back in his bladder. Some texts say that a male practitioner should be able to draw a whole container of milk up through his penis. Similar requirements are listed for women female karmamudra practitioners should be able to suck milk up into their bodies to their vaginas. As well you mentioned later to do with ejaculate in your discussion of semen retention, you say in some practices one pulls up the red and white tigle together. For example, the man first ejaculates his semen into the woman’s vagina and then pulls this up again along with the red essence secretions and spreads this out.

You do not teach those practices in the book, you focus on the practices that don’t require that previous training in in tantric yoga but I’m curious what is the role of those advanced practices what’s their purpose and effect over and above what can be achieved with the morata yoga style of karma motor training well so the karmamudra part of practice and the uterine is very clear that’s part of tele training so when we do the  illusory body dosa training of our channels and our energies lung energies so once we trained our body as a channel and our energy as a mantra or lung then we have to train our mind so when we train our mind we are talking about  tigle and so tile is like a kind of what do you say essential fluids and so according to tantra that’s connected with the mind so when when we experience joy and bliss that is increased and when we experience sadness and dullness that thing is decreased so it’s very important to work with that  tigle and then this thing can have for example we have one it’s called the jet thigle means that this essential fluid bindu sanskrit is bindu. Bindu like substantial bindu is something more like physical actually in my book like according to me those substantial ticklers are hormones this that the love hormones or the happy hormones and so this we talked about this at zegetus the substantial tigle and those things are specially used for people who have desire and attachment when we talk about desire and attachment in our life we have many different kind of desires and attachments but sex desire and attachment is one of the most powerful one.


The Power of Sexual Energy

Okay so so that’s why let’s say horny people or people with lots of sex energy then we talk more about the zegatically the substantial thigle or not substantial the substances things about substances which means there are some are we have some like let’s say chemical substances those chemical substances responsible for our mood for our feelings like joy happy and bliss and so on so that’s why I’m convinced and the tantric text they’re talking about is happy and love hormones and then we have the nakitile now is the mantra we use the mantras chanting mantras and so on these ones are used for more how do you say angry people right so at end we’re always talking about attachment anger and ignorance three mental poisons so this substantial thickly is used for people with desire and mantra thiele is more for people with anger and then then we have longitudinally longitude energy is people with more ignorance okay so that’s why entertainment this part I didn’t put in my book but I I thought little bit pity if I I have to make it a little bit clearer about also tigle in any case generally speaking what I wrote in my book is I was talking about this the thigle of the the substances and that thing is very much connected with with the desire and so on and then so this delay we can the nature of that thigle is the bliss they were Tibetan is deva like sukkah the joy of please also in our ordinary feeling is like the pleasure feeling right and then when we talk this so there is a white one and the red one and so that’s why we this thing is also we can say the essence of solar energy and the lunar energy the essence of the sun and the moon so in this case men and women so one have son and one have moon so with this practice actually we are mixing this solar energy and lunar energy and then like we in within ourselves we can complete ourselves right we can complete ourselves so there are some deities there are male and female deities together but we think there are two deities actually this is the expression of one deity it is one but manifesting us a two it means we are by ourselves we see ourselves as a single but in the tantric we are already union.

One part is the solar energy one part is the lunar energy and when we feel that we are separated from others or from our partners we are not the union and that is the problem. So I think somehow also in indian hata yoga it it’s kind of talking about this part and the hata yoga is sun and the moon right hata yoga is sun and the moon and yoga means union so then in this case what does it mean hata yoga means union of sun and the moon right so this is exactly in the tumor we are talking so union of the solar energy you increase it the the solar energy you increase it that melts lunar energy and the fire melts the the butter and then the butter drips in the fire and the force is completely unified together then the heat is increased and the bliss is increased so that’s the the the basic theory of tumor so that’s why we need to increase the tumor fire it means we need to increase the solar energy and the more you increase the solar energy the more the lunar energy is melted together right so why we have to do this melting process burning and melting process the more you melt the more you burn the more unifies unifies completely together right so then I’m just telling the name I don’t practice hatha yoga but everybody knows about hatha yoga in a very terrical way if you explain that name of hatha yoga actually unify solar and the lunar energy together right and that is the tummo practice and this is also the foundation of the karmamudra practice.

So that’s why men and women one have men and one have sun right so we put them together and then you bring it up and then you spread in your body so we can we can mix our sun and moon together too we have solar and lunar we can do only that part too so if we do only that kind of solo practice it’s called the jnana mudra then we don’t need to have a physical partner we have only an imaginary or meditative partner and you do that practice with meditative partner and you mix your own solar and lunar energy together and then you are completed right you are completed and then you’re not alone then you’re not single anymore then you’re free from loneliness you’re free from sadness do you understand and you get to believe by yourselves so many meditation meditators they they get this kind of thing and then in the this part of practice we call it is a completion stage or or perfection stage so if you reach that level solar and the lunar are completely mixed together and then you complete yourselves right you perfected yourselves so the perfectionism is not coming externally it is our inner quality and the perfect also the perfecting your spiritual journey is you can do it by yourselves you don’t need to do with somebody else or you don’t need to chase others to to to to perfect yourselves do you understand today in in our ordinary life also there are some people they are all they say oh I don’t find a partner without partner I’m not happy with that partner I’m this and that right they think that partner gives the perfection part but physically it is true if we are somebody with our partners in love and this and that that gives the perfection of that moment right so that’s why in karmamudra we need to find our our physical partner too but then the ones who does jnana mudra it’s not always that the case it’s not always we need a partner that with the partner only we are happy when we are single alone we are not happy this and that so some people they can get this inner how do you say your own partner and your own bliss and your own completeness or the perfectionist perfection per perfection state so that’s why I think also it’s very very beautiful this practice how it’s presented as a karmamudra and jana mudra both ways.

So then and some of like let’s say the your genitals and the the warm how do you so warm milk and water mix and you can suck this this we can say more like a muscle training and some people they can do it and there’s some how do you say even you see in Thailand there are some people it’s a show for them is the business they’re using like genital muscles they do incredible things right do you understand so that’s a seminar when I say these things some people’s no is it is it possible you can train your genital muscles this oh if you go to Thailand if you sh if you see one of those what do you call it the sex show it is a business but you see that the how much they can train their muscles and how much they can do right so some of this we can explain through the medically the function of the muscles and muscle training and so on and then some others your peeing is already coming out and sucking back and that’s even beyond of the muscle functions so then we talk about the lung energy the subtle wind energy so the lung energy goes out and you it is with your mind when your mind does it and then actually it can affect the physical dimension too have you ever seen that done in a in a very very simple way in a very very simple way what I say is what do you say it is everything it’s a training question physically physically sucking back the urine I I never saw one I never saw one and the one I mentioned the one I mentioned this the karmamudra master from my hometown the great yogi and it says he can put his penis in a white conch and he blow up the crunch he’s pushing he he put his head there through the penis and then right so of course for us we believe in these stories and this and that but I was wondering how much physically really medically you can put your hair there and this and that but then I saw one in Youtube I saw one in in Thailand.

Genuine Mahasukkha

This one of the sex show they are doing this the men and women they they actually do they put different instruments there they put the air inside and it reminded me that story so actually the funny thing is many things what we say oh in karmamudra they are like kind of miracles and highly yogis and yoginis can do this today you can see this in the sexy shows the muscle training yeah it is interesting some people they really think these things are only the highly trained the masters they can do it but muscle training it’s a muscle training you can see many things today and that is I think maybe we should not consider those are the miracles those are the miracles right I think the miracle real miracle is you are really able to to to infuse your solar and lunar energy together and then you’re experiencing that kind of complete long-lasting bliss or orgasmic state within yourselves or if you’re doing the partner that you guys are in that kind of peaceful state and in a how do you say so it’s it’s it’s it’s it have to be like a transcendental it transcends from self and transcends from your partner right it’s transcendentally transcends and then also long lasting right and that the confusion between the orgasm and the greater bliss orgasm everybody knows the orgasm it is a very high tens intense and very joyful play pleasure experiences but we also know it’s very short it’s pity and so that’s why when I talked about orgasm some people are criticizing me says oh the bliss is not orgasm but I’m saying bliss doesn’t contradict with orgasm or the blissful state mahasuka the great bliss doesn’t have any problems with orgasm.

So the orgasm itself our ordinary orgasm is the sign that we in our self we have this degradable ease it’s it’s a sign right we need to have this kind of signs our body shows us we have this nature within ourselves and it it awaits us it’s it is it is it’s a sign and it is also the proof right very often people say oh when in mahamudra we say oh the nature of mind is the greater please and then maybe many people says approve it right in my mind I don’t feel anything or my mind is confused you always says right they are chambo you always says clear light prove us what is the light where is the light prove us where is the bliss actually orgasmic state is the proof because it’s coming in our mind actually mind itself is manifesting in that state and that is the proof that’s fascinating I’m aware of the time so I’m gonna have to choose one from my many lists of questions here so.

Abuse of Students by the Guru

“Q: You talk a lot in the book about the prevalence of abusive religious figures to seduce their students, and in fact that’s one of the justifications you give for revealing details about this traditionally quite secret practice. You write there are some Tibetan Buddhist gurus today *both male and female,* who have sex with many of their students and call it karmamudra but I think that these teachers do not really know what karmamudra is and simply want to have sex with attractive young men and women.”

Some of the stories you hear about what these teachers do with their students also suggest that they don’t really have much idea about how to have good quality or consensual sex either sometimes some people are thirsty and they just have to drink water right away but of course the problems start when such teachers get a lot of power and start abusing it and demanding that their needs be met all sorts of suffering follows that’s the end of the quote in some karmamudra text it seems that sex between the guru and student is a part of the education process and indeed sometimes it’s written that sometimes one’s guru has sex with one’s own partner for educational purposes.

Dual Relationships

In the west I think especially in these days in modern culture it’s culturally held that a teacher for rightly or wrongly it’s culturally held that a teacher should never have sex with their student in the same way a doctor should not have sex with their patient. For example a therapist should not have sex with that client and the rationale is as I’m sure you’re aware to do with a conflict of interests between the professional and the personal and to do with power dynamics of course quite often Lamas marry their students today I I think of Michael Ash’s Yogini Project and which he documented in video interview form the stories of many wives of Lamas how they met and so on and all this all almost all the stories are explicitly to do with the teacher-student relationship many of the great Lamas in America for instance with American wives they were first a teacher-student situation that’s what the yoga yogini project focused on I’m curious what your view about all of that is and when if ever should a teacher have sex with their students and is there a role for that in the karmamudra teaching well firstly before we talk about sex we have to talk about love yes there are many rules and regulations and the law about sex teacher student doctor patient therapist the patient and these things many rules but if love happens love is beyond of any laws and any rules and so if teacher and student they’re in love patient and doctor they are in love who can stop that do you understand I don’t think love is logic we try to do best to to follow the rules and this and that so the dynamic is coming both sides right dynamic is coming both sides patient or doctor or teacher or student if it’s if there’s a love chemistry right in America if a doctor does act on that love they quite often may lose their ability their license to practice medicine for example that can’t happen therapists that happens a lot well they some of them they get married they become couples right true and I’m sure the if they’re in love they know how to handle their relationship too so sometimes of course the love can become drama and huge dramas and so on but so that’s why I think we should separate two things one is the love story one is the real sexual abuse I think that that’s very important to maki declare and maybe some love stories may end up badly and that’s why the story comes as a sexual abusers too so that’s why we really need to have a very clear understanding and I I know there are many sexual abusers around but also I don’t believe they are all stories do you understand as you said like power dynamic power dynamic and then the teacher had the power and power dynamic want to have sex with the student or maybe students power craving I call it a spiritual gold digger.


I don’t know if you like that word or not I do I like it there may be many students both men and women they’re spiritual gold diggers and so they think maybe this is a way to receive blessing maybe this is a way to get power this is a way to get close to somebody I don’t know it can happen right gold digger mentality is a gold digger mentality it can happen for gold for money and for spiritual for anything so that’s why I think it is a very it’s not just a simple it is very easy to blame somebody okay sexual abuse right it’s very easy sexual abuse yes oh yes sexual abuse between doctor and the patient of course it’s a doctor’s mistake okay sexual abuse therapist yes it’s therapist mystic yes teachers and students yes it’s teachers mystic do you understand the the the how our mind works and more or less is it’s the way more or less it functions that way but we really don’t know what is the the dynamic energy happening with these two people and how much love is involved how much understanding is involved so that’s why I’m happy you asked me this question and but what I really say is at end involving professional people to really investigate to understand it clearly and I think that is the only solution do you understand as we just say okay these sexual abuse here there and every story has two sides right every story has two sides you are talking the ones the masters who are married with their students I think that’s the good stories the good result I’m sure I don’t think it’s only because of how do you say the power and this and that so once you marry and mostly it’s based on the on the love right so the love and commitment and this and that and I don’t think it’s something illegal or something is bad.

Karmamudra and Sexual Misconduct

I think it’s good if you have love, you got married, you found your karmamudra partner and this and that I think that’s perfect, but problem part is the abuse stories. I think this  part we have in Buddhism we have this jay gum jaguar means analytic meditation analytic meditation. It means we have to analyze by case by case by case we have to make it very clear and it’s not only the what do you call it the the “spiritual gold digger” mentality, there is also involvement of mental issues. Do you understand so there maybe many people they have different mental issues, mental problems and because of these mental issues on both sides can make us to get involved in the big mess too. Okay so that’s why I I’m sure there is real life sexual abuse in the name of Buddhism and spiritual tradition. That’s for sure I know this myself too because I often talk with my patients and actually I was asked by quite a few of Buddhist practitioners vajrayana practitioners and they they ask me they are saying “oh is it normal” in Vajrayana Buddhism if your teacher asked you to  go to in bed together. Then it’s not to go to bed,  it’s like I know one case this lady was in love with him with her master and then her master maybe I don’t know had many partners, her master is not interested in the love story but she’s interested in love story. So that’s why she feels hurt she feels hurt and then she asks me is it that something Tibetan cultural? Of course there is a big gap the cultural understanding about sexuality, sexual relation this and this and that- right I’m sure!

Also in the west there’s some cultural traditions they’re very strict about these things very secretive and very these the sage or something very personal but some some other cultures are more relaxed right even something in the in in Tibet my place in the nomadic area we are not so paranoid about these things and especially I’m saying I’m not saying about this other things I’m saying like for example like when my cousin she got pregnant years old and her parents is not paranoid they don’t care much they say okay she got pregnant and they want to know who is the father and she did she denied she didn’t want to say I don’t know maybe she had a few boyfriends she didn’t know but they even don’t want to force her to say okay you have to say and who is this and that it’s okay our daughter is pregnant and daughter is pregnant that’s it she doesn’t want to say who’s the father whose father okay let’s go on let’s move on so that’s all we don’t have too much about this how do you say the craziness about okay somebody’s pregnant and okay this and that so that’s why I’m sure there’s a big like a cultural gap to cultural understanding too right so unfortunately they’re like I as I wrote they’re about sexual abusers and especially the ones who are sleeping around with many people using the name of karmamudra this.

For me it disturbs because that’s why I thought okay if if people are really interested in karmamudra you read the book we need more education and if also the student they think okay my teacher is having some reactions oh this showing some interest to this okay karmamudra I’m not ready you’re allowed to think that way but then the problem is where to who you ask where you get information do you understand I think that was that that was the problem and that’s why when those people become to me they ask me oh in Tibetan tradition is like that or in the Tibetan Buddhism you have to sleep with your teacher if he or she asks you is not only man’s part also women’s part the unsent so it is becoming a big issue and obstacle that is the one of the reason I wrote the book and also one of the main reason I want to make it the public because I was hoping it can become as a educational tool it’s a kind of education people can read and understand and also historically like some some karmamudra masters they wanted this sex relation or karmamudra practice with their students or these other people but there are also stories this other people can refuse it can refuse it right but I think like today it’s little bit some we know some parties like kind of overreacting right like oh sex harassment and sexual abuse verbal abuse power abuse the people who are saying oh that one is power abusing verbal abusing psychological abusing and the truth is those people they say oh somebody’s abusive and dear abusing that word of abuse do you understand that’s that’s the big craziness they really really some people are so focused sexist or narcissist or abuser and this they are so crazy all about these things this they are so crazy about these things they are so busy with these things so which make themselves its abuser of abuse world it is really interesting that’s why I’m saying we need to go to clear investigates.

Sexual Abuse is Abuse of Power

I really hope, we hear so many stories about sexual abuse and you’re there with the politicians it happens right politicians it happens normally the ones they’re kind of successful one and then the many stories follows things and many any other kind of public figures come out and then these stories come so that’s why the spiritual master is the same thing it’s the same mechanical but political and public figures this story comes so the investigation is involved and at end they say who is right who’s wrong and we have a kind of clear answer but many spiritual cases we don’t have this kind of answer I think that’s pity right a guru is accused okay in the law right investigation this and that okay at end it’s a real sexual abuse the guru or it’s a maybe I don’t know it can happen right do you understand maybe it can be just a love drama so in this case story is easy to happen and and bad news easy to spread like a wild fire but then what is the final result we need we need to know that part two so I hope there will be some kind of final results these kind of investigations too right recently there are many teachers they are accused of this and that but there is no like final conclusion so I think that’s a little bit pity right if there’s a final conclusion then we can finish the movie we can watch the movie okay this and that okay one movie is finished we go another movie and then the Buddhist master this okay I resign from my organization okay now I’m out from my organization and my organization will keep this and then maybe also this oh I’m sorry I apologize for all sentient beings blah blah this a kind of very generic apology statement these things I don’t think this is a real solution so that’s why I think something this kind of sexual abusers and these things I think it’s it’s good it’s it’s it to make it a clear in a samsara way I mean in a like ordinary way to make things clear I think that’s very important but then what I can do is what I can do is about education this is the reason I publish the book so hopefully it’s a help for many people many people and especially if they see okay even my teacher says I can refuse.

Okay if my teacher is talking about karmamudra and now here I have some information I want to talk with my teacher if my teacher really knows about karmamudra or not do you understand and most of cases are like that and some people they are saying oh I dedicated my book for sexual abuse victims they say oh this is not like why a karmamudra book is dedicated for them okay I had some reactions like this maybe one or two people are saying like your dedication is already wrong do you understand so I don’t think it’s anything wrong and actually karmamudra itself is the the path of the bliss and the joy and so many people instead of the experience please enjoy they experience pain and suffering so that’s why to dedicating that I don’t think anything is wrong [Music] should we end here or do you have time for a question more well you can ask some more questions okay i’d like to talk a bit more about the criticism you’ve received for writing and releasing the karmamudra book.

Therapy for Tulkus

I’d also like to talk actually a bit about trauma but what advice would you give to a young tulku. Let’s say who perhaps is inexperienced in the or a young lama of any kind who is inexperienced socially or relationally yet finds themselves in a position of a famous position. We know of course that it doesn’t matter if you’re a rock star or a politician or religious teacher of fame. Fame is attractive and people as you said, there are all kinds of people interested in becoming close to a famous person or significant person. What advice would you give to young tulku or something like that who finds themselves in a rock star position like that, to sort out the spiritual gold diggers from the potential partners who can be engaged with in a healthy kind of a way education. They need education general work , I think they need to learn these things they need education that’s very very important and and and maybe a little bit a bad word…


“Maybe they need a therapy- psychotherapy too because as you’re saying the young tulkus, they are from the kids, they are treated in a special way. Probably many of them they think they can just get whoever they want or whatever they want, so the educational part, the cultural part there are some issues with them. So that’s why it’s good if they have some other people’s like guidance or education, right? Or even like  psychotherapy, I don’t know if some of the tulkus,  if they are raised in an old traditional way, psychologically they can connect with the general public or not.”


So that’s why I think the education is very very important and maybe mentally some of them kind of completely spoiled or whatever it is and that and they needed some kind of therapy too psychotherapy too do you understand so basically I think the main struggle in monasteries and tulkus and these things is like they can’t talk these things to somebody openly so that’s why I’m saying if they talk to somebody maybe it’s kind of like a psychotherapy too kind of form of psychotherapy they can talk to people and they can have more information understanding apples and and so on so for myself when I was a young boy I was always had a kind of in my young age the desires this and that and to nobody even to to talk with your father or your brothers it’s a little bit kind of shame you don’t talk about these things and then you don’t know how to handle it and then if you talk try to talk with your friends like teenager friends and maybe you have you are scared that they will laugh at you do you understand so somehow you have to keep so many things inside you have to cover so many things inside and this is actually like also lelone’s biography he talks about these things as a young boy as a young tulku he grows up and he had so much this sexual desire and he didn’t know what to do and there no there was nobody that where he can talk or there are no books he can read so he find himself completely isolated and alone and he got lost there and then he also explains very clearly like then somehow he learned how to masturbate and then sometimes in his biography he says he was giving the empowerments and then he sees a very attractive like young girl of course he was a young boy too.

It’s a normal a young boy loves a young girl and then he come back home and he he can’t stop thinking about her and he didn’t know what to do all these things so you see it’s that’s why there’s really the lack of education and lack of support and guidance and so that’s why I think especially today and the young tulkus this it’s important to receive more educations and and not only the dharma education they need to receive the basic education about about health about sex and about whatever relationship and so on like there are many for example here in the west most of the kids in the premier not primer middle school or high school they have an education about human body physiological function about sex all this about hygiene about pregnancy all these things right so similar way but still I I don’t think it’s enough because I know so many young people they still struggle here in the west and this is the reason why percent of young people teenagers they are kind of addicted to the porn movies so why they’re addicted to poor movies because they have that emotion that feelings but then no one to talk no one to share and then what they do okay online I googled the porn okay yes this is this is all about sex this is this it’s very addictive but it was not only addictive also kind of destroying your mind is and the porns you you see everything is of course they are actors and actress they are everything is staged and then in the porn movie when the young people they watch they want stronger and stronger ones so more aggressive so then at end is like a kind of a process of fighting and torturing and this and that so there’s you don’t see much the intimacy the connection the power of hugging the power of talking the power of looking each other do you understand the whole the good energy good vibe of the love and the sex and making love.

Healthy Relationships and the Damage of Pornography

Actually I like this English expression, “make love” right it’s a love but we have to make it we produce it actually that’s about when you are really in love with somebody with your partner what you do is you make love and actually the making love process enhances the love enhances the connection enhances the how do you say understanding and prosperity and spreading the good energy and these things right but and actually now our new generation they are sex education is not kamasutra I wish it was and nor karmamudra but it’s the porn movies and their information what they get is kind of very aggressive to understand and then this can cause this mentally energetically this can damage and then they are not good the real performance right because real performance what they remember is from the porn movies what you need to do okay you need to this and they’re kind of like they’re kind of possessed by the poor movies and they want to do something like that if they can’t do like that they think okay I’m dysfunctional and this and that it’s kind of really like messing up so that’s why I think we need to bring up more education about sex about sex for me I talk this because it’s a it’s a medical subject in the psychotherapy there’s some psychotherapy especially about for sex psychotherapy and then also physical dysfunction and it’s a medical issue so that’s why I don’t maybe this is a little bit my different than other Tibetan Lamas and teachers because maybe they think okay sexy something we should not talk about.

Healthy and Open Sexual Discussions


But in the medical field we talk these things I talk with this patient because they have these issues and they’re talking to me I try to find a solution for them so for us it’s a professional normal conversation going on right so that’s why I’m more open-minded also in the tantric way we need to bring it out I’m not revealing the secrets I’m just the same I try to educate people we need to know we need to learn because today as his holiness Dalai Lama says the st century is the century of education right education information so then in education they’re good education they’re bad education too so that’s why I’m saying the porn movies are becoming education too it’s a very bad education so why not we bring more kamasutra karmamudra educate people better and they have a better understanding they have a better understanding themselves and their connection and connection to their partners right and so the ones who are criticizing my book not so many actually I I was expecting many more very few so I’m a little bit surprised I always tell them please first read my book if you read my book if you have issues you talk to me I’m happy to talk and discuss but normally it is oh sex sells you want to sell your books through your like this and that I said that’s not my motivation my motivation is I want to educate people I want to help people and I want to also help people that they can they can defend themselves they can protect themselves right but then in any case if somebody thinks negatively you cannot change their mind they think okay sex sells yes you wrote this for for make yourselves families and I said please read the book.


Exchanging of Energy and Essences


[Laughter] really the funny thing is I think most of people they read the book I didn’t have any reactions and questions but the ones who saying oh you why you make it public oh like you are this and that those ones they don’t read the book and they try to criticize my book that’s ridiculous okay any other questions you mentioned their energetic consequences of watching pornography and you also in your book talk about dip or this subtle pollution of the channels that can come from multiple partners random partners and so on can you talk a little bit about what dip is and its consequences and in what way if at all it can be repaired well everything can be reappeared every poison every poison has their own medicines and multiple partners I think maybe our human nature is not we are always kind of multiple partners we have partners to partners maybe we want to find the right one I think maybe and one day when we find the right one then we stop there and then everything’s okay and I think this kind of thing but then some people are kind of like how do you say using the name of ah yes tantric sex oh I like it I want to do with everyone without the responsibilities without any of these things I think that those things can be can be harmful can be harmful but then the energy we call it the tip trip means if you like go around if you sleep with many people maybe you get these negative energies and then you have to do lots of Vajrasattva to purify actually there is a there was a scientific research I think somewhere from uk I don’t know if you read it and the women they said they have DNA of your brain if any man be ejaculated in their genital and vagina they said one part of this man’s dna is women’s brain.

Did you read that article I did I’ve read that so and how about my question is how about for men maybe the man also receiving something from women does does it say anything about that no but I think there’s also some interesting research about pair bonding that many partners can reduce the ability of people to pair bond so in that case it’s better to have multiple partners or well in this particular research it was suggesting that multiple partners reduces the ability to pair a bond exactly bonding yeah yeah so in a scientific way let’s call it that is the tip the negative energy you receive right especially can you imagine if you had so many partners and part of their energy stays in your brain forever and so if you sleep around with crazy people you collect many crazy dna so I really like to how do you say explain and understand things very clearly and that’s why sometimes this kind of I’m not saying all scientific research are right but but many of these researchers are very useful and it helps us to understand also the traditional way what we are talking so that’s why I’m always fascinated 

I like to read articles and all about these kind of things I think these things are really really interesting and then I what I really believe actually this the great master kamla namka jatsu so he was a karmamudra master and actually he had many partners in his life because in this case sometimes he kind of he’s teaching directly to karmamudra but it seems sometimes he was asked by his some female disciples oh we know you are the the great karmamudra master maybe do you think okay okay quick let’s do something and then I’m I’m enlightened I think in different ways he didn’t say clearly but it’s it’s an interesting story I think which is also usual that’s why I’m saying maybe it’s not always the master the yogi goes there to grab the yoginis and sometimes yoginis they really want I grabbed them so he said in his life he had so many partners actually he says it’s not good he’s not good he says is not like you have more partners you have more experiences you get more enlightened so he’s I love that because he said that with his experiences okay it seems he had a hundred of partners and that’s why he says don’t do don’t search many partners you really of course then we very often we talk about the long tengi long ten is like profiles normally we have a karmic partner or your masters or maybe you dream about them I know when when you have this when you have connection with somebody karmically spiritually there is something so we don’t need to explain much and then if you find that person also you are not craving with others because whatever you want is from that partner right so that is called karmic partner so you are fully satisfied you are fully connected and fully understandable and full love right so I think that’s the bonding.

Relationships and Sexual Trauma

Once you’re kind of in that wave then you don’t need to craving because maybe some people think okay I sleep more with more people then I get more better energies actually like that we are talking about this article we maybe were collecting more garbage. Garbage is okay perhaps my last question then you’ve mentioned there about traumas and you say you write in your book karmamudra in my work as a doctor I come across many patients who have been sexually abused from a young age and they have enormous trauma and I’m curious how it is as a medical doctor and also a spiritual teacher in the traditions in which you’ve been trained how is trauma seen and dealt with how do you deal with situations like this where someone comes to you with traumas what advice do you give in what ways trauma seen and dealt with in those traditions other and are there any special considerations in the case of sexual trauma [Music] like mostly the sexual traumas the many people they have sexual dysfunction syndrome so it means they’re not kind of open or properly ready for sexual intercourse and these things so it takes time and the tan trick we can say like the channels are blocked the base channel or the the chakra has the channels so the base chakra we have petals let’s say it’s a blockage of the petals so that’s why it’s especially what I believe is sexually traumatized this trauma healing if they learn about themselves their body like a meditation of karmamudra I think it really helps them to to relax and to reconnect with themselves and all blockage channels can be reopened.

Do you understand so like we could we say the poison cures the poison the poison is very strong so we need to use a very strong medication right that’s the that’s the physics or chemistry how also our chemical drugs it works we use the stronger drugs or dosage for stronger disease and so this is the reason why also karmamudra is important because if people have more sexual desire and the feeling and these things if they practice karmamudra it works them better right because that’s their nature and the same way like long chimba says the angry people some people they always short temper and stress this it’s good to do the deity yoga with the wrathful deities some deities are very lustful and then the mantra then because they have this nature of anger and somehow the deity also kind of expression of anger and then it it matches to their nature and they can release this way their anger releasing or to to balance their anger and then the people with ignorant is the the ati yoga so at yoga and without learning much without doing much and how directly you can you can meditate on at yoga I think that’s a that’s a very very beautiful way to to express like I said the tingle the three type of thing is their antidotes for three mental poisons so in the old school in my school maha yoga anu yoga at the yoga three yogas are also antidote or sorry mental poisons right and so the same way like then we have Homeopathy right

Homeopathy is the same nature cured by the same nature so then in that case I think like the what do you say the poisons so the trauma itself is with sexual trauma and meditation is the meditation about sex do you understand so that’s that’s like more homophobic similarly- the same energy cures the the same problem right so somehow through this we can process it we can process it and then of course we have kind of also allopathic way to meditate is okay let it go forgive let it go forgive and don’t think of them that this kind of opposite way oh even somebody tortured you somebody this and that and generate your love and kindness to them and compassion let it go so I think that’s a little bit that the trauma is anger and aggression so you use the opposite like love and compassion kindness understanding so some people they can unblock that way too maybe that takes some more time but then this this meditation is what you say this antidote probably we can say more homeopathic antidote but the the the trauma is the sexual trauma but the healing also about sexual meditation does it make sense yes that’s fascinating that’s fascinating there are some meditations with breathing normally we have the mindful breathing this mindful breathing is the it’s the joyful mindful breathing or the please blissful mindful breathing when you breathe and you work with your trigger bring up and down and you experience this it it it might take time but it’s a very nice practice which helps us to to reconnect with our body with our channels and with our energy and then from there like we can make it restart everything.

Karmamudra: The Yoga of Bliss


Q: Dr. Nida thank you so much for a fascinating interview your book Karmamudra, the Yoga of Bliss, really fascinating book I really recommend if anyone has been interested in this interview and the things we’ve discussed to get that book Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, thank you very much thank you. I have a question for you did you read my book of course how is it tell me tell me the truth your personal view about this book. I liked it a lot I think what you’re the thing that I found interesting about it of course the content in terms of the exercises and so on very wonderful and very natural natural way. I think and in fact I won’t say that so the interesting thing that I think you had to deal with it’s easy answering is not so easy that’s why I ask the questions the the thing that’s difficult that you had to deal with is a number of issues on the one hand you have the traditional suppressive cultural approach which one has to be careful about how one navigates that on the other hand there’s the overreaction currently as you said of sex is there’s a hysteria actually about sex and about power and all these things where everything is an abuse like you mentioned it seems that talking about sex at all yes on the one hand people may accuse you of trying to become famous writing a book about sex and it probably worked you probably lots of people found out about you who did not know about you because this book is about sex but on the other hand you’re really setting yourselves up for possibly big problems because if you start talking about sex then you put a big target on your chest and any wrinkle in your own behavior or accusations and so on so forth of course much more much more likely because the people having invested interest get very reactive about the subject and start saying who is this dr leader both sides in other words even though both sides are so opposite you become a target for both sides.

So I do not envy you for putting out a book like this I think it’s a big risk and a good a great service and a really you you it was very balanced you really brought sanity and fur open up the conversation this book I think opens up a lot of conversation it’s a lot of opening up conversation that’s my personal view yeah I like your personal view it’s true it’s it’s it’s opening it’s probably the first book about karmamudra and it’s not so easy to to balance what modern people do think and what tradition is and then there’s a one big question also about semen retention that’s normally people get so many questions semen retention and the classical texts the semen retention is very very important and then but some great masters like lelong said we should not do too much it can be harmful too which is medically it’s true today there is a scientific proof too and so I try to also breach the spiritual part and medical part and try to give both information so that can help me to to balance a little bit but then what you said I I like what you said it’s like then I’m I’m myself is becoming a target of others maybe I I thought about that little bit I thought that a little bit and but then at end I said I have to believe in myself I have to trust in myself and I have to be aware of my my intentions and my what do you say my work or my my behaviors and so on so I thought if personally criticized or accused or whatever happens I thought I’m ready.


I really wanted to open this subject because otherwise yeah, it’s like this the stories of the sexual abusers and Buddhism this I think in general is going like a little bit crazy and and and there is no answer so that’s why I thought okay even I will be the targeted but I want to bring it out- and then there is a Chinese proverb I like it it says “you throw the bricks but somebody will throw the jade”- so it means it’s important you start maybe the thing what you start is an ordinary brick not so important and not so precious but because you start to throw it out then maybe somebody else will throw the jade brick or the diamond to break so that’s why I think it’s a kind of start that we can talk about this and know more about this dr anita you also mentioned here that the most common question you receive about this book and about this set of teachings is about semen retention of course classically is said to be essential for correct practice of spiritual sex but you your views differ somewhat from that from that classical view could you explain some well that’s a very good question and the most common question I receive and and according to all classical tantric texts says semen retention is very very important so that’s the ancient information so modern medical science says semen retention or losing semen doesn’t make much change and even if we lose the semen often it’s refreshing reproducing that highers the quality of semen so there are two kind of completely different information so I try to let people understand.

Men’s Prostate Health

The spiritually is the restriction of losing semen and scientifically kind of encouraging us to lose signal I think it’s an interesting topic and then also tantric text says we should not lose humans but then there are some other occasions also we should lose the semen and the one of this losing semen is enhancing the meditation experiences that’s a very interesting part but then as I said in the tantra we have this very logic and academic and how do you say approach about explanations why we should not lose semen and reasons and quotations from which tantra and which masters all this kind of very intellectual approach about this then the other part is the the the answers are coming from answers and understandings are coming from experience the great masters so in this case I would say lelon is one of the most qualified historical master and he says this clearly he said all tantric text says don’t lose semen actually he says not so practical so I’m really surprised because when you read his books he’s very precise le longsha peter he’s very very he’s almost like jetson very philosophical and very kind of hitting the point and he debate part is very sharp very intellectual but when he comes about this he says yes many texts and especially the original tantric text says don’t lose him and he said it can cause health issues kamehame chronic kidney issues so I know that now we know it’s more referred to the chronic kidney issue some of these are connected prostate problems right so all the prost the prostatic like enlargement or prostate or prostatitis inflammation of prostate or prostate tumor or cancer and I think ancient time is more referred to the kidney issues actually that what he said is very accurate he said it’s not good to retain the semen too much it can cause health issues so he said that very clearly in th century but then according to Tibetan medicine it says it is important to release the semen if you keep too much again it can cause different health issues so that’s why I tried to balance in the information and in my that book I I think I quoted one this scientific information it says in a months to ejaculating time it’s something healthy for prostate maybe that’s a little bit too much I don’t know but I I can’t change the scientific research I put that one too but what I can tell people is really like all our individual questions right and some people also do have this post ejaculation syndrome it means after ejaculation and they feel exhausted and tired and lack of energy and so on so if you guys have that kind of symptoms maybe it’s better you don’t ejaculate and then I know young people even they ejaculate they always have energy power they don’t lose anything so that’s why at end I think it’s it’s important we have to find a balanced original country teaching and medical science together we have to find balance by ourselves and also some people are very kind of paranoid losing semen wet dreams and this.

If you are more having fear and scared and this and if people are having this post ejaculation syndrome it’s the interesting thing is we mentioned already about homeopathic method but if they ejaculate few times kind of exercise for their muscles and prostate all these things and then somehow they can get back their energy so that’s why I think also it depends on your age your situation and your body condition and these things but we really need to have a good understanding according to our own conditions so that’s what I can say you might find this interesting but I think the power of suggestion is mental suggestion is very strong in things like post ejaculation fatigue and they feel guilt yeah guilt and that’s that’s a lot of the weight of the vote ejaculation response can come if if people believe it’s it’s wrong or they’re losing their energies then of course they feel terrible about having done that after they’ve done it well medically in our ejaculation like we have proteins and zinc calcium there are like chemical substances but many of them we can regain it through food right so according to Tibetan medicine every seven days our sperm and semen is completely like refreshed and and medically like every days millions of sperms are produced by our this body so I think it’s good to we try to balance this thing otherwise not losing cement and sometimes they lose and then it’s becoming a psychosomatic problem too right and I like this

Tibetan medicine says we somehow we need to follow the body’s urge right if we feel cough it’s better we cough. If we repress the cough, and that in the longer term that might affect our lungs, breathing. If we feel the sneeze even sneeze and this is better’s sneeze. And if we need to pee it’s better we pee, so holding too much pee it can damage the muscle function of urinary bladder and if extremely holding the urine can travel back to the kidney and it can even destroy the kidney function right? So the body is a reaction and body has a reaction but it has a nature we need to listen to the body and we need to follow that right so otherwise some people think oh it’s better I meditate is kind of secondary I have to finish my meditation if they do this frequently it can be very harmful so body is giving this signal because we need to clean the urinary bladder body is giving the signal we need to clean our colon our rectums right and the same way our body is giving a signal we are nauseous we need to warm it it’s better to warm it out that hematic this is a therapy too it’s automatic therapy so that’s why body is urging and needing ejaculation and maybe not all time or too much but time to time we need to do it so I think that part I think that part that is also the reason why in some practices is ejaculating is enhancing the meditation experiences okay thank you thank you very much we’ll see you next time thank you for listening to another guru viking podcast for more interviews like these as well as articles videos and guided meditations visit:


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2 thoughts on “Karmamudra The Yoga of Bliss- Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

  1. Dr. Nida, suggests psychotherapy for Tulkus, boy is he bold and truthful.


  2. Discussion from Facebook Forum-
    Alexandra David Author:
    Dawn Sandberg Dr Nida was taught by a yogini realized Ani Ngawang Gyaltsen, I recall that Yuthok also received the secret teachings of a Dakini Palden Tchingwa. Originally, in the authentic Dharma, this is how it happened : realized yoginis and wisdom Dakinis transmitted the secret and sacred teachings to male practitioners. At that time, rape and child abuse did not exist. May this time return very soon ! 💙🙏💙

    Dawn Sandberg
    Well this change will be up to us, men in power and control will never relinquish it voluntarily. And it’s an uphill battle because we have vows of secrecy and pure perception that prohibit us from discussing what happens to children in the monasteries and makes us feel like we give complete control to our teacher and our lives are owned. This unhealthy dynamic- we’re co-creating and people are turning a blind eye and still posting pictures of teachers to virtue signal, and young monks and nuns every day, in a spiritually codependent and deluded way.
    Unless were all willing to co- wake up and speak up and make change in these institutions and with many of these guys- abuse, command and control will continue sadly. I have hope for us collectively. It would be so sad if what is precious and liberating in these teachings falls away because of the misconduct and institutionalization. One of my yogi friends said we’ve completely misconstrued the Samaya vows- They’re never supposed to be institutionally given to masses- It’s an extremely secret private individual one on one relationship that you have with the teacher and your vows to do whatever they say pertain to the practice of the empowerment of that deity that you received at that time.
    It’s not that small monks and nuns have to be trapped and if they leave they are going to go to vajra hell, or if they talk about what happens to them there- And people don’t have to take on the administrative roles and sleep with their teachers and do whatever they say- oh my God- It’s going to take a lot to tap out these bricks. I think that still going deep into the simplicity of our practice and our breath and using a lot of these methods as yogis is where the vajra dharma will be preserved.

    Alexandra David
    Dawn Sandberg keep going your bodhisattva yogini job 🙂



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