a poem to my small self- you are beautiful 

*trigger warning child abuse

i just love you
you are lovable
you are worthwhile
you are valuable
you mean something
you are beautiful
light strawberry blonde messy ringlet curls
frame a porcelain white face
and pug-nose
you deserve to be loved
you deserve to be respected
you deserve to be appreciated just for who you are
we deserve to be appreciated just for who we are
i forgive your faults
all of them
i hold you if you are crying
i’m here for you
i’ll never let you go
i’ll never abandon you
or red wine drink drug away your pain
when you call out to me
i listen
you are precious
i hold your heart in my
two hands so gently
may you feel safe in my love
you have found me
the only one that can heal you
i won’t tease you
i won’t insult you
beat you
rape you
curse you
ignore you
make you feel like a burden
leave you all alone in your room most days with only your plastic dolls as comfort
punish you without explanation
allow you to get beat up at school- daily
neglect you
leave you to cry yourself to sleep in the crib
break your little precious spirit
i’ll never hurt you again
i see you now
i feel you in me
your so young tears
now flow through my same moss sky green eyes
and your words through these aging fingertips
we see you now
your little broken heart
need not be silenced
and hide behind anything
or anyone anymore
you can be here
you can shine
just as you are
i wrap my arms of love
around you until each and every tear dries
we love you
we forgive you
i’m so glad you are here
you are~


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