from real to faux from foe to friend

“First there was a tree, then there is no tree, then there is a tree.”

even if
all we ever were
is a clouded cult
covert child abuse
now that light
as of today
is fully lit

dated doctrine
excuses for
divine slavery
and submission

ya well
we can’t recoup
the 20, 30, 40 plus
years lost
with nothing to show
no accomplishment
just silence
sanghaless ronins

we have mastered
nothing but
and righteous

let’s light up
yet another
white wax candle
and toke some
agarwood incense
to celebrate

can we demarcate
bottomless bhumis
these digressive stages
of a failed
inner dharma
that wanes?

but guess what~

i figured out
one real thing
that no
faux glam gem guru
can take from us

and that is…

our love for each other
and that
was real
is still real

you were all to me

brothers and children

word tattered
heart tarnished now
but easily cleansed
in this transparent light

our delusion was
a mere hope
that we could
create something

i think
we still can



Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels


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