One Breath- Only So Many Days Left

magic cat

to a dear friend who i lost today

“Love Cannot Be Measured Until The Moment of Parting” Master Po

if i only could have
one more mere hour
with you

i could tell you
just how much
she cried

now that you
are gone

if you can hear me
out there
please know

that her love
was indeed
deep and real

and spans
beyond lifetimes

i only wish
i could tell you

if you love
you must
tell them

and i see now

you can only let
someone love you
if you let yourself
love yourself

narcissistic supply
is addiction
based on

it’s not

is trading what
is false
our fear
our pride

for what is
what was~

worth it?



for J. and S.

Photo by Gijs Coolen from Pexels

1 thought on “One Breath- Only So Many Days Left

  1. Date: December 26, 2013, 11:08:11 AM MST
    To: Jack Niland
    Subject: Re: Wonderful Winter

    The key to happiness is to fall in love with yourself, then you can’t help but to fall in love with everything and everyone. Narcissism is actually overcompensating for self-hatred and its based on insecurity. Don’t be shy to love, love, love everything in you, however imperfect. The world will light up and become magic, and that is how it is already.

    Dawn Boiani



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