Spirituality Born From The Ground

I now look at all of my “wellness” friends
who live in love and light
at least in a marketing meme
or quote to glean daily head drug bumps
of ego confirmation like and share faux luv
and feel that those who have rather
gone through the depth
been shaken to the very bottom
of their bare foot soul
willing to touch their white hot core, searing
deepest earliest wounds
processing inconsolable anguish
facing fears
and have clawed their way out from the slippery clay mud
from the very bowels of Hades itself
with dirt under their fingers
heart scars over the left breast
blue tinted bruises
and yet wash off this stain and ash
with the cleansing waters
of the unwavering hope of a new day
finding genuine love within
and thus without
the beauty of the depth of life
no matter the pain
they could no longer bypass
the loud beckoning to heal
the asphyxiating lungs of inner knots
now releasing into the vapor of deep breath
even hints of simple sun rays
and roasted coffee joy
these people, healing
humbled by Her
the depth of a slightly broken smile
that knows well
the divine dark mother-mentor
of human pain

to Them
I bow.


Photo by Isaac Taylor from Pexels

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