Medicine is Medicine Reprise-On Spiritual Cyberbullying and Healing

A personal vlog, reflections about healing, community and relating to a teacher in Tibetan Buddhism in light of the Dalai Lama’s repeated request for a revolution from “corruption.”

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3 thoughts on “Medicine is Medicine Reprise-On Spiritual Cyberbullying and Healing

  1. Call for Tibetan Buddhist revolution



  2. Dawn Boiani-Sandberg August 7, 2021 — 4:41 am

    Author’s comment: Of course when you assert a particular view in religion or politics, these views can be evocative- and yes for quite a long time now I have expressed disappointment in both some of our teachers, the structure of my religion and how I feel like I was, and continue to be treated by people that I trusted.

    If people haven’t quite yet learned how to speak to each other without base, personal ad hominem attacks or people making fun of me personally with the intention only to hurt and harm, that’s the very cruelty and cowardice that I’m trying to address. It’s a poor excuse if a person is abused in their past, of either gender, for us to give ourselves permission to turn around and verbally attack and abuse others because of our grief and pain. I don’t buy the “survivors can have a green-light to abuse” pass, that never holds up in the prison system.

    If people see any instances of verbal violence, ad hominem attacks or threats to my safety on these forms as a result of this, would you please let me know immediately, and take a screenshot? Unfortunately we haven’t come to a place where we have the emotional intelligence collectively to actually discuss some of the details of what I said and what I hope for in a civil way. Until that day comes I’m not able to read or participate in the subsequent dialogue, and have left all forums where people have degraded into cyberbulling each other.

    A few of us have discussed creating a civil discussion forum where people don’t give themselves permission to do ad hominem personal and cruel attacks. Please look for that- I think we’re going to establish one on Facebook soon, and on this forum we can actually begin to deconstruct some of these logics, some of the history and see if there’s any way forward and what that would look like for any of us.

    On my previous video there was a significant blind spot, it was all too easy for me to not hold our teachers accountable for any type of change and was really grateful that a friend pointed out that flaw, that I immediately published in the comments. We can’t see things until we can see things but if we don’t have a civil and respectful discussion forum to be able to help each other to process, clarify and evolve, then we’re not able to have a safe and constructive environment to dialogue and go any further.



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